Our Story

The First Chinese-Style Jerky in the USA
Chinese Brand Beef Jerky started in Southern California in 1973 by Taiwanese Crosstalk Comedian Master, Wu Jiao-Nan. While his Crosstalk profession took center stage, Wu’s passion for food led him to several culinary discoveries. It’s a little known fact that Wu had invented “Mongolian BBQ” and introduced it to Taiwan where it received raving reviews. Its popularity in Taiwan led the dish to become a world-wide sensation.

Still, it was Beef Jerky that truly inspired Wu to start his own company. The story goes that after each Crosstalk performance that Wu gave in the US, he would have a deep craving for a snack of Beef Jerky and Beer. That craving, though, was often left unsatiated with American style jerky. He longed for the tender and flavorful jerky that he enjoyed in his youth in Taiwan and was determined to bring that tasty snack to the US. With a secret recipe he learned from his wife’s family, Mr. Wu founded Chinese Brand Beef Jerky, and the rest is history.

Classic Five Flavors
Chinese Brand Beef Jerky has been enjoyed by the Asian American community for almost half a Century. Developed by Mr. Wu, our classic 5 flavors are distinguished by their fuzzy appearance and tender texture. To this day, these flavors, Original, Fruit, Hot Fruit, Hot, and Curry, are still produced using the same unique recipes and techniques that were created long ago. Our products can be found in most Asian supermarkets and delis across the country, and now directly in our online shop!

The story continues…
We are developing other interesting Asian inspired flavors! Stay tuned, we know you’ll love them!